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ECREA is an international non-profit association with the following aims:

To provide a forum where researchers and others involved in communication and information research can meet and exchange information and documentation about their work. Its disciplinary focus will include media, (tele)communications and informatics research, including relevant approaches of human and social sciences;

To encourage the development of research and systematic study, especially on subjects and areas where such work is not well developed;

To stimulate academic and intellectual interest in media and communication research, and to promote communication and cooperation between members of the Association;

To co-ordinate the circulation of information on communications research in Europe, with a view to establishing a database of ongoing research;

To encourage, support, and where possible, publish, the work of young researchers in Europe;

To take into account the desirability of different languages and cultures in Europe;

To develop links with relevant national and international communication organisations and with professional communication researchers working for commercial organisations and regulatory institutions, both public and private;

To promote the interests of communication research within and among the Member States of the Council of Europe and the European Union;

To collect and disseminate information concerning the professional position of communication researchers in the European region; and

To develop, improve and promote communication and media education.


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