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Digital Culture and Communication

The main objectives of the digital culture and communication section of ECREA are:

• To exchange and develop research in the field of digital culture and communication through virtual and physical networking and other events.

• To revisit existing media and communication theories, approaches, and research methods as they are challenged by digital media, and to develop new ones.

• To contribute to building a research culture in the field of digital media and informational culture at the European level.

We welcome suggestions, collaborations, inputs, project ideas, offers to host meetings, and anything that may help to build and organize this network.

Chair: Gemma San Cornelio (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya -Estudis de Ciències de la Informació i la Comunicació, Barcelona, Spain)
Vice Chair: Aristea Fotopoulou (School of Art, Design and Media, University of Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom)
Vice Chair: Christoph Raetzsch (Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Journalism Studies, Berlin, Germany)

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