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International and Intercultural Communication

The field of International and Intercultural Communication has changed considerably over the last years. Globalization and its consequences have forced the field to broaden its scope considerably. Furthermore the field is challenged from the outside by other disciplines engaging in the debate on the role of communication in globalization processes.

In this section we take a broad view on cross border communication in all its forms. We define cross border communication in terms of communication crossing national or/and cultural borders. We will both focus on mediated and personal forms of communication.

The International and Intercultural Communication Section provides a platform for discussing critical research in the cross border fields of international communication and intercultural communication. The focus of the section is on inter- multi-, and transdisciplinary approaches to cross border communications in professional fields as well as academic fields in all areas of social human change.

Chair: Teresa VELÁZQUEZ (Departament de Periodisme i Ciències de la Comunicació. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain)
Vice Chair: Daniele Canedo (SMIT-VUB, Brussels, Belgium)
Vice Chair: Stijn Joye (Department Communication Sciences, University Gent, Gent, Belgium)

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