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Title: "Seminar on Comparative and Collaborative Research into Branded Content ".
Affiliation: Advertising Research TWG
Venue: University of East London, UK
Date: Jun 15 2017

The purpose of this seminar is to explore comparative research into branded content and discuss the development of collaborative research agendas and approaches. The seminar addresses the study of branded content, content marketing, native advertising and associated forms of integration of media and marketing communications.
The June event is designed to promote, share and discuss research into branded content carried out by international researchers in single-country or multi-country studies. For discussion, we wish to explore insights from these studies regarding research design, methods, approaches, findings and implications and suggestions for future research. We want to explore the state of the field, research resources and capacity-building and discuss agendas and resources for collaborative research.
We invite contributions on topics including the organisation, production, reception and regulation of branded content. We also invite contributions that address theoretical, methodological, institutional, resource and capacity issues, academic relationships with industry and other stakeholders, collaboration and networking relevant to the advancement of international and comparative research and collaborative research into branded content.
Place: University of East London, UK
Date: June 15th 2017
Deadline for abstracts: 3 April 2017
Please send abstracts (250 words max) to Prof. Jonathan Hardy , Principal Investigator Branded Content Network and Prof. Patricia Núñez (Chair, ECREA Advertising TRG) –

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