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The last day of ECC2016 and ECREA General Assembly

Today is a very important day for ECREA as the General Assembly will elect a new ECREA Executive Board for a four-year term. The General Assembly will convene in the Forum Hall, the Prague Congress Centre at 13:30 on the last day of the 6th European Communication Conference.

Jelen-Sanchez, Alenka 12.11.2016

Please note that all the individual members and institutional coordinators, who have the right to vote, need to register before the General Assembly at the registration desk in front of the Forum Hall. The registration desk closes at 13.00. More details on elections and voting procedure are available here.

The agenda for the General Assembly is as follows:
1. Approval of the minutes of the previous General Assembly (20 – 24 June 2016 and 18 July 2016).
2. ECREA Executive Board elections
3. Brief reports on the Section, TWG and Network elections
4. Brief reports from the out-going Executive Board
5. ECREA guidelines and regulations
6. Announcement of the results of Executive Board elections and a vote on full Board discharge
7. Any other business

Since the Assembly will meet in a physical space, there will be no online voting.

The conference will close this evening with a Closing Session, Farewell Party and a presentation of the next ECC conference venue - Lugano in 2018.


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