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CALL for OPEN ACCESS EDITED BOOK PROPOSALS for Wave 20 of the ECREA Book Series in European Communication Research and Education (DEADLINE EXTENDED)

13.10.2023 08:34 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Series Editors Göran Bolin, John Downey, Christina Holtz-Bacha and Simone Tosoni invite the submission of open access book proposals for the Palgrave Studies in European Communication Research and Education.

The Book Series aims to provide a diverse overview of the work of ECREA members and working groups, showcasing a diversity of topics and areas within the field of contemporary media and communication research, and addressing this diversity from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, and through promoting collaborative research of our members, either within or between ECREA Sections, Networks and Temporary Working Groups (S/N/TWGs).

The selection procedure consists of two steps:

Step 1: Editors propose a topic for the volume. The proposals should contain: the names, affiliation, and a brief CV (maximum of 1 page of A4) for each of the editors, the title of the proposed volume, and a rationale (maximum of 1000 words).

The ECREA Book Series Committee evaluates the proposals, decides on the acceptance for Step 2, and provides recommendations for the structure of the book.

Step 2: If selected, the editors launch a call for abstracts and then select abstracts and submit an extended book proposal. The ECREA Book Series Committee evaluates the proposal, and, if necessary, provides recommendations for additional authors and perspectives for the chapters. Step 2 is competitive; at the end of the process, the ECREA Book Series Committee selects the proposal to be published as an open access book.

WHAT are we seeking?

ECREA Book Series Publications need to have a clear theme or focus.

We are looking for timely and cutting-edge topics from the field of communication, as covered by ECREA.

ECREA Book Series Publications aim to promote European media and communication research. We are seeking proposals that have a strong European dimension either by virtue of inclusion of regionally and ethnically diverse voices and cases, or by virtue of comparative research. Proposals should attempt to bridge the divides between regional and linguistic academic communities and strive to secure regional (East/West/North/South) balance of contributors and/or analysed cases. Proposals can include a limited number of authors who are not ECREA members and provide insights beyond European perspective (see details below). 

ECREA Book Series Publications aim to promote collaborative research. The series publishes edited volumes; single author monographs or monographs from a limited number of authors or authors based at the same institution will not be considered for publication. Proposals resulting from work within ECREA S/N/TWGs as well as those resulting from collaboration between ECREA S/N/TWGs are particularly encouraged. Proposals resulting from S/N/TWGs events or international projects are welcomed if the thematic coherence and the European dimension of the topic are apparent. Proposals where the work comes from members of one institution or predominantly form one national academic community are not considered for publication.

We are seeking original, previously unpublished work. Inclusion of previously published work is accepted under condition that the work has previously not been published in English or was published in now mainly inaccessible outlets. In such cases, editors of accepted proposals will be required to acquire permissions to translate or republish the work (without any extra costs to the Book Series).

WHO is invited to submit?

The book series primarily promotes the work of ECREA members although a degree of openness towards non-ECREA members is also considered if the added value to the Book Series is evident. 

At least 50% of the chapters need to originate from ECREA members (individual members, or members through an institutional membership). At least one of the editors needs to be an ECREA member. These conditions need to be met at the latest when the proposal is accepted.

Please note that ECREA Executive Board members cannot be editors of the books in ECREA book series but can serve as authors of the chapters. The Book Series editors cannot contribute to the content of the books in the ECREA book series in any way.

What is the DEADLINE for submissions?

Deadline for proposals in the first step are to be sent to the series editors by email to by 30 October 2023 (DEADLINE EXTENDED).  

HOW to submit the proposal?

The proposals in step 1 should contain: the names, affiliation, and a brief CV (maximum of 1 page of A4) for each of the editors, the topic and the title of the proposed volume, and a rationale (maximum of 1000 words).

Proposals in step 2 include extended abstracts for all contributions, introductory and concluding chapter.

QUESTIONS and queries?

Should you have any further questions concerning the Book Series call, please email the Book Series Editors at



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