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Mid-term Conference Economic Sociology (ESA)

30.03.2023 11:17 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

September 6-8, 2023

University of Florence, Italy

Deadline: May 1, 2023

European economies in transition: On the way to pro-environmental and prosocial economies

Societal, environmental, political and economic crises are expanding and demand that we rethink and reorganize our way of living. Rapid, global changes in the economy are part of this process. In the past decades, changes in the economy, such as the internationalization of financial and goods flows, market deregulation, crises and the process of digitalization have been strong drivers of change. We now observe new and rising socio-structural challenges such as climate change, large-scale migration, pandemics, natural catastrophes and the reemergence of nationalism and war.

Challenges like climate change demand that we rethink the classic models of production and consumption, which are based on market competition and the use of fossil fuels. They force us to elaborate and study the foundations and functioning of alternative models and thereby critique the dominant perspectives of markets. Nature can no longer be seen as a passive resource pool to be exploited for economic purposes. Instead, these challenges demand that we, as social scientists, reconnect societal, economic, environmental and political aspects in order to analyze the current situation and explore adequate solutions.

Sociologists, as well as other social scientists, often focus on a prosperous, and stable socio-economic order. However, in light of the ongoing challenges we need to start thinking about the foundations, elements and mechanisms of more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive economic and societal models. In this sense, we need to figure out the trajectories of transformation processes and different imaginaries and models of socio-economic transitions. Sociology can use its tool to decipher central actors, networks and institutions in the process of transformation. In this dramatic historical moment, new social movements asking for urgent socio-economic changes and ongoing experiments of new forms of economic coordination become most interesting topics to economic sociologists and beyond.

The conference will discuss different socio-economic changes and how societies and economies in Europe are trying to cope with them. The focus is on transition models, new experiments and alternative, hybrid forms of organizing the economy. Thus, papers dealing with the overall conference theme and considering specific features of the ongoing socio- economic transitions are welcome. Nevertheless, we also appreciate presentations and sessions related to economic sociology in general. Thus, we invite proposals on

• current developments and transformations focusing on Europe

• studies on and experiments with sustainable economies

• challenges in the market economy such as digitalization and globalization

• studies on market dynamics and democratic institutions in times of crises

• new theoretical and empirical developments in economic sociology

Proposals could either be for individual presenters or sessions including up to 4 contributors. Inter- and multi-disciplinary contributions as well as contributions from other social sciences disciplines and early career scholars are highly welcome. Please send your proposal (about 150 words giving 3-5 keywords, your name, institution and title) to latest by May 1, 2023.

We will offer opportunities to establish thematic working groups among participants during the conference in order to develop joint research projects and publications. Participants will be asked if and in which thematic working group(s) they would like to participate during the registration process. Keynote speakers will contribute to the conference and will be announced soon. The conference language is English.

The ESA Research Network Economic Sociology Mid-Term Conference is going to be held in Firenze, one of the oldest cities in Europe.


February 27, 2023 - Call for papers begins

May 1, 2023 - Deadline for submissions

May 8, 2023 - Information about accepted submissions

June 8, 2023 - Deadline for registration

June 30, 2023 - Preliminary program published 

Sept 6-7-8, 2023 - Mid-term conference in Firenze


University of Florence, Department of Political and Social Sciences, via Pandette 32, 50127 Firenze (Italy)


European Sociological Association, RN 09 Economic Sociology (coordinators: Andrea Maurer, Alberto Veira-Ramos, Sebastian Nessel)

University of Florence, Department of Political and Social Sciences

Local Host:

Giacomo Bazzani (



Chaussée de Waterloo 1151
1180 Uccle

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