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Deterrence documentary film

03.06.2020 13:13 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

New documentary on European security and NATO in the 21st century:

Deterrence is a feature-length documentary and learning resource written, directed and produced by Dr Roman Gerodimos and co-created with staff and students at Bournemouth University.

We have made Deterrence available to watch for free as we believe that it tackles issues in the public interest that deserve maximum exposure. The doc is divided into an introduction/outline ('Chapter 0') and 7 core chapters that can be watched in sequence or as stand-alone episodes.

As the world seems to be entering a period of disorder, Deterrence captures the major strategic questions facing us and tracks the conflicting personalities and agendas involved.

We attended the 2019 NATO Leaders' Meeting, interviewed top NATO diplomats and world-leading foreign correspondents, historians and experts from think-tanks such as RUSI and CER. We also interviewed students and then posed their questions and criticisms to NATO officials.

What are the main security challenges facing us today? Are we living through a New Cold War? Can dialogue ​with Putin work? How should we deal with China? Can Trump be trusted with Europe's security? Is NATO 'obsolete' and 'brain-dead' or more important than ever?

What exactly does 'deterrence' even mean? Is it a relic of the Cold War or the most important tool for our physical security? Can deterrence work against cyber and hybrid? Can media literacy counter fake news?

Is NATO an alliance of values or an alliance of power? Are nuclear weapons relevant anymore? How does NATO need to change in order to survive?

These are some of the questions posed and answered during the doc.

The doc also has an educational strand as it introduces and explains key concepts (deterrence, hybrid warfare, the security dilemma, MAD etc) using simple motion graphics. It also outlines the history of deterrence from WW2 to today. The site also features indicative reading and lesson plans, including slide decks for educators and students.

If colleagues are interested in arranging a screening or showcase as part of a class, conference or event, we are available for a live Q&A with students (e.g. via Zoom) both on the substantive issues raised in the documentary and on the process of making the documentary.

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