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History of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Transnational techno-diplomacy from the telegraph to the Internet

01.07.2020 22:34 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Edited by Gabriele Balbi and Andreas Fickers

This book focuses on the history of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), from its origins in the mid-19th century to nowadays. ITU was the first international organization ever and still plays a crucial role in managing global telecommunications today. Putting together some of the most relevant scholars in the field of transnational communications, the book covers the history of ITU from 1865 to digital times in a truly global perspective, taking into account several technologies like the telegraph, the telephone, cables, wireless, radio, television, satellites, mobile phone, the internet and others. The main goal is to identify the long-term strategies of regulation and the techno-diplomatic manoeuvres taken inside ITU, from convincing the majority of the nations to establish the official seat of the Telegraph Union bureau in Switzerland in the 1860s, to contrasting the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance (supported by US and ICANN).

“History of the International Telecommunication Union” is a trans-disciplinary text and can be interesting for scholars and students in the fields of telecommunications, media, international organizations, transnational communication, diplomacy, political economy of communication, STS, and others. It has the ambition to become a reference point in the history of ITU and, at the same time, just the first comprehensive step towards a longer, inter-technological, political and cultural history of transnational communications to be written in the future.

With contributions by: Christiane Berth, Simone Fari, Andrea Giuntini, Roxane Gray, Christian Henrich-Franke, Richard R. John, Léonard Laborie, Gianluigi Negro, Lisa Ruth Rand, Maria Rikitianskaia, Marie Sandoz, Valérie Schafer, Marsha Siefert, Adrian Stecher, Heidi Tworek, Anne-Katrin Weber, Dwayne Winseck, Nina Wormbs.

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