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Complicity: Methodologies of power, politics, and the ethics of knowledge production

09.07.2020 18:27 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Special Issue of Sociology of Health and Illness journal and edited monograph

Deadline: August 21, 2020

The annual Sociology of Health and Illness journal monograph is this year focused on 'methodological complicity'. We are interested in scholarly reflections from beyond sociology, and would welcome contributions from media and communications scholars exploring health related issues. Global inequalities, colonial legacies, and the innumerable power imbalances striating the social world have never been more pertinent to social studies of health and illness. It is thus vital to interrogate how exactly we research these issues, as well as the ethics and politics of knowledge production relating to them. We ask, what problematic and productive complicities might we as researchers engage in as we endeavour to produce this knowledge? We understand ‘complicity’ as a broad, explorative term for thinking through the methodological politics of contemporary sociological research into health and illness.




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