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Nothing can replace discussions in the flesh. ECREA organizes several conferences, doctoral courses and smaller seminars every year. We aim to strengthen the research connections between junior and senior researchers, and between northern Europe and the southern and eastern parts.

1. European communication conference (ECC). ECREA organizes large-scale international conferences with keynote speeches and parallel sessions in the thematic sections and networks. ECC1 was held in Amsterdam in November 2005, ECC2 in Barcelona in November 2008, ECC3 in Hamburg in October 2010, ECC4 in Istanbul in October 2012 and ECC5 in November 2014 in Lisbon . ECC6 will be held in Prague in November 2016.

2. Summer school. The summer school is an intensive (up to 12 days) course that combines contributions from international experts and junior scholars, and takes the form of lectures, seminars, presentations, and workshops. The summer school is held every year.

3. Seminars and conferences. The thematic sections and networks organize small-scale and highly focused seminars and conferences under the ECREA umbrella.

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