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Title: "Diasporas, Migration and Media: Crossing Boundaries, New Directions".
Target participants: Members of the Diaspora, Migration and the Media Section (but open to all)
Affiliation: ECREA Diaspora, Migration and the Media Section, Nottingham Trent University and Utrecht University
Venue: Utrecht University, Netherlands
Date: Nov 06 - Nov 07, 2009
Contact: Sonja de Leeuw (, Manon Meijer (, Olga Bailey (, Gemma Moran (

Studying the relationship between diasporas and the media presents several challenges and issues that are at the core of humanities, social sciences, anthropology, and cultural and media studies.

In the last two decades, an increase in the number of theories and amount of empirical research in the field, with topics ranging from diaspora, mobility, migration, ethnicity, cosmopolitanism, postcolonialism, identity politics, representation, and practices of media production and consumption, have enhanced our understanding of the everyday lives of diasporas and migrants.

Through this process, the area of diaspora, migration and media has evolved to embrace different theoretical and methodological perspectives, resulting in a plethora of work, and as a result, consolidating its position as an important area of investigation.

On the other hand, any emerging canon needs to be criticized and challenged if the field is to retain its dynamism. In addition, the increasingly vocal critiques against multiculturalism give rise to defensive writing: is it time to develop more positive and forceful lines of enquiry.

The aim of this workshop, then is to address the state-of-the-art in the field by inviting colleagues – academics, non-academics, researchers and PhD students - to map the diverse areas of investigation and/or present ongoing empirical and theoretical work that might offer a critique as well as point out new directions in the field.

Participants to the event will address, among others, the following themes:
- The local/global diasporic cultural experiences
- Dynamics of migration and memory
- Dynamics of Representation, discourse and language
- Subjectivity, emotion and identity
- Diaspora, youth and media
- Diasporic Audiences
- Diaspora and Queer theory
- Visual Cultures and Diasporas/Migrants
- Music and Diasporas
- Cultural Citizenship
- Cultural policy and Diaspora
- Web 2.0, social media and diasporas: what are they doing for diasporas and minorities?
- The backlash against multiculturalism and/in the media
- Diasporic/minority media: what is new?
- Urban environments and multicultural encounters
- Diasporic generations, communication and media

Confirmed key note speakers:
Kenan Malik (University of Surrey)
Gloria Wekker (University of Utrecht)

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Registration fee
€ 60 (€45 for graduate students and PhD students).

Participants who book into NH Hotels Utrecht need to send name, address, phone number, date of arrival and departure and credit card details to

Mention Reference: Universiteit/ECREA and reference number 98845712
Price: €125 on 5 November and € 99 on 6 and 7 November 2009, all excluding breakfast (€ 18,50), and excluding city tax (5%)

Please note that rooms are pre-booked for 5-8 November and bookings should be done before 28 September 2009.

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