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ECREA structure

ECREA members become members of Sections, Networks and Temporary Working groups, depending on the area of their research interests. Each Section, Network and Temporary Working Group elects their Chair and two Vice-Chairs who coordinate section’s academic activities. Sections are focused on specific themes, which represent traditional or newly sedimenting scholarly interests across communication and media studies. New Sections are regularly added to the list to reflect the most up-to-date dynamics in the field by promoting successful Temporary Working Groups to the status of a section. ECREA Networks promote diversity, plurality and emancipation by providing opportunities to the scholars who may be underprivileged due to their age, gender or regional background. 

ECREA Executive Board is a working body of the association, which is elected every four years by members at General Assembly during European Communication Conference. The Executive Board consists of President, Vice-President, General-Secretary, Treasurer, regular Executive Board Members and representatives of Sections, Networks, and Temporary Working Groups.

The Executive Board delegates management of day-to-day business of the association to the Bureau, which consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer and the General-Secretary.

The Executive Board can seek advice on strategic decisions from Advisory Board. It can also seek operative help by forming Task Forces.



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