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public statement committee

The ECREA Public Statement Committee’s mission is to produce statements of support or protest related to cases of violations of academic freedom and undue pressures on our members or academic communities in countries with a substantial ECREA membership. The Public Statement Committee will generally reacts to alerts coming from the membership but can also act on its own initiative. 

Members or Sections, Networks or Temporary Working Groups are invited to contact the Committee with alerts and proposals at Within the scope of its available resources, the Committee investigates the cases and draws up statements or endorses statements prepared by others. All statements are confirmed by and issued on behalf of the ECREA Executive Board.

The Public Statement Committee consists of John Downey and Göran Bolin as members of the ECREA Executive Board.

John Downey, president of ECREA - Professor of Comparative Media Analysis at Loughborough University, UK, where he continues to work through the implications of Critical Theory for the study of communication and media highlighting the importance for the field of engaging with political philosophy and social theory and also the role of academics as participants in the public sphere.

Göran Bolin, member of the ECREA Board - Professor in Media & Communication Studies at Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden.  His present research interests are focussed on the relations between media production and consumption, especially in the wake of digitisation and datafication. Bolin has since the early 1990s worked in or headed research projects on violence in the media, youth and cultural production, entertainment television and the relation between production practices and textual expressions, media consumption and the production of value in cultural industries, mobile phone use, media generations, etc.

Former members of Public Statement Committee (2016-2021)

Ilija Tomanic Trivundza (ECREA Executive Board)
Murat Akser (ECREA Executive Board)
Koen Leurs (representative of S/N/TWG management teams)



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