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Organisational and Strategic Communication

Organizations develop nowadays at different styles and pace, and, paradoxically, it seems that the more standardized the world is, the less predictable organizations are.

To state the unpredictability of markets and societies becomes a truism. These dynamics are reflected in the communication practices of contemporary organizations, which today has become a multidisciplinary field involving a host of disciplines including public relations, marketing, organizational communication, human resource management and corporate culture. Each of these fields has expanded its outlook and domain beyond its conventional definition.

Organizational communication has developed an increased interest in how organizations present themselves to the external world, for example, through such practices as public relations, marketing, and crisis management. Human resource management is increasingly concerned with issues such as public appearance, team-work with professionals outside the organization, internal branding and how managers and employees construct and present organisational identities that appeal to external audiences, for example potential employees.

The ECREA section for Organizational and Strategic Communication promotes an active and critical dialogue among scholars in view of consolidating an interdisciplinary field for thoughts, debates, applications and complex projects. The participation rules of the Section allow contributions from researchers, professors, master and doctoral students, as well from corporate representatives whose aim is to develop the internal research portfolios of their own organizations.

The Section also allows contributions of independent specialists and consultants in marketing, public communication or related fields, as the very field of organizational communication is difficult to observe unless part of the organizational systems.

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Evandro Samuel Ribeiro dos Santos Oliveira (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Vice Chair:  

Ileana Zeler (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain)

Vice Chair:  

Alessandro Lovari (University of Cagliari, Italy)

YECREA representative: 
Michael Johann (Augsburg University, Germany)


Ileana Zeler 

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