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S/N/TWG management teams 2022 ELECTION: RESULTS

During the 2022 conference, ECREA members elected management teams of Sections, Temporary Working Groups and Networks (S/TWG/N).

The elections took place during business meetings.

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See the results below:


 Audience and Reception Studies

  • Jelena Kleut (Chair), CV
  • Maria José Brites (vice-Chair), CV
  • Vivi Theodoropoulou (vice-chair), CV


Children, Youth and Media

  • Félix Ortega (Chair)
  • Herminder Kaur (Vice-Chair)
  • Ana Oliveira (Vice-Chair)

    Communication and Democracy

    • Giuliana Sorce (Chair)
    • Delia Dumitrica (vice-chair)
    • Jun Liu (vice-chair)
    STATEMENTS: here

      Communication History

      • Christian Schwarzenegger (Chair), CV
      • Marie Cronqvist (Vice-chair), CV
      • Valérie Schafer (Vice-chair), CV
      STATEMENT: here

          Communication Law and Policy

          Crisis Communication

          Diaspora, Migration and the Media

          • Sara Marino (Chair) 
          • Silvia Almenara Niebla (vice-Chair) 
          • Maialen Goirizelaia Altuna (vice-Chair) 
          STATEMENT: here

            Digital Culture and Communication

            Digital Games Research

            • Felix Reer (chair)
            • Teresa de la Hera (vice-chair)
            • Salvador Gómez-García (vice-chair)

            STATEMENT: here

            Film Studies

            • Miguel Fernández Labayen (chair)
            • Mariana Liz (vice-chair)
            • Marco Cucco (vice-chair)

            STATEMENT: here

            CVs: here

            Gender, Sexuality and Communication
            • Sara De Vuyst (chair)
            • Greta Gober (vice-chair)
            • Núria Araüna Baró ( vice-chair)
            STATEMENT: here

            Health Communication

            International and Intercultural Communication

            • Mélodine Sommier (chair)
            • Anastassia Zabrodskaja (vice-chair)
            • David Ongenaert (vice-chair)

            STATEMENT: here

            CVs: here

              Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction

              Journalism Studies


              Media, Cities and Space

              • Scott Rodgers (Chair)
              • Lou Therese Brandner (Vice-Chair)
              • Marcos Dias (Vice-Chair)

              STATEMENT: here

                Media Industries and Cultural Production


                  • CHAIR will be updated
                  • Caja Thimm (vice-chair)
                  • Roman Horbyk (vice-chair)

                  Organisational and Strategic Communication

                  • Evandro Samuel Oliveira (chair)
                  • Ileana Zeler (vice-chair) 
                  • Alessandro Lovari (vice-chair)

                  STATEMENT: here

                  Philosophy of Communication

                  • Kęstas Kirtiklis (Chair), CV
                  • Joana Bicacro (Vice-chair)
                  • Eli Dresner (Vice-chair), CV

                   STATEMENT: here

                  Political Communication

                  • Agnieszka Stępińska (chair)
                  • Jakob Ohme (vice-chair) 
                  • Nicoleta Corbu (vice-chair)
                   STATEMENT: here

                    Radio and Sound

                    • Belén Monclús (chair)

                    • Salvatore Scifo (vice-chair)

                    • Nazan Haydari (vice-chair)

                    STATEMENT: here

                      Science and Environment Communication

                        Television Studies

                        • Cathrin Bengesser (Chair)
                        • Deborah Castro (Vice-Chair)
                        • Luca Barra (Vice-Chair)

                        STATEMENT: here

                        CVs: here

                        Visual Cultures

                        • Joanna Kędra (chair)
                        • Maria Schreiber (vice-chair)
                        • Patricia Prieto-Blanco (vice-chair)
                        STATEMENT: here

                            TEMPORARY WORKING GROUPS

                            Communication and Sport

                            • Daniel Nölleke (chair)
                            • Kirsten Frandsen (vice-chair)
                            • Xavier Ramon (vice-chair)

                            STATEMENT: here

                            Journalism and Communication Education

                              Affect, Emotion and Media

                              Ethics of Mediated Suffering

                              • Richard Stupart (Chair)
                              • Stijn Joye (vice-chair)
                              • Johanna Sumiala

                              STATEMENT: here


                              Central and East-European Network

                              YECREA (Young scholars network)

                              • Sandra Banjac (chair), CV
                              • Antonio Cuartero (vice-chair), CV
                              • Phoebe Maares (vice-chair), CV

                              STATEMENT: here

                              Women's Network

                              will be updated



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